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Part 2: You're building or managing an innovation hub? This post is for you!

In 2017 I published 10 lessons learned when building or managing innovation hubs and the feedback was overwhelming. The article was viewed by more than 10.000 people and I received emails from all over the world. Requests came from the US Airforce, startups from Kenya and Nigeria, medical corporations from Switzerland, New Zealand Universities, public sector organisations in the UK, and banks in the Middle East. 

In the meantime innovation hubs are not the hot new topic anymore and many articles have been written on innovation hubs. By now most corporations have built one. Some innovation hubs are doing extremely well, but many are still falling short of expectations. People have come to realise that …

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Part 1: You’re building or managing an innovation hub? This post is for you!

Innovation hubs – the buzzword of buzzwords. Every organisation wants one, all the big names have one. The promise sounds great – a space that fosters innovation. But do they deliver? And what differentiates successful from underperforming innovation hubs?

I helped organisations in New Zealand and Europe build, manage, and operate innovation hubs and my answer is: yes, some innovation hubs do really well. Learn from my #10 lessons learned and increase the productivity of your innovation hub.

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Business model innovation - Not another Uber story

Uber Technologies Inc, the world’s largest provider of personal transport has surely made it into the top 10 of water-cooler conversations. Digital, technology and disruption are frequently used buzzwords when telling the Uber story.

Uber was founded in 2009 and is currently present in 60 countries and more than 300 cities. Despite extensive media coverage (mostly about countries who are trying to ban Uber), few people actually understand what makes Uber successful. Even most conventional taxi drivers fail to understand how Uber manages to offer a service with drivers who don’t have a taxi licence.

Many believe it is innovative digital technology that allowed Uber to disrupt the taxi industry. It is not!

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