Strategy is a set of self-reinforcing activities that gives your organisation a sustainable competitive advantage.

I have helped clients across a broad range of industries create digital and customer-centred strategies. My approach to Strategy Design combines strategic foresight, trend research, futures thinking and outsight-in-perspectives. Piloting, testing, and iterating a Strategy ensures it delivers tangible results.


Designing a product strategy for an insurance provider.

Case Study

Read more on how value proposition testing and early concept design informs the product strategy.

Product Strategy

Let’s work together to create a winning strategy for a new product or service. Direction is more important than speed. It’s not about how fast you can launch a new product. It’s about creating a product that delivers continuous value to your customers and to your business and that ultimately helps your company achieve its vision.

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Business Unit Strategy

Don’t design a separate Business Unit Strategy. What you need to do is figure out how to adopt, adjust and apply the existing Organisational Strategy in your Business Unit. A good strategy provides focus, it details what to do and more importantly what not to do. I can help you translate your organisational strategy into a meaningful Business Unit Strategy Roadmap.

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Designing a customer experience strategy for energy retail.

Case Study

Read more on the process of piloting and testing Strategies.

Designing a digital strategy for a telco.

Case Study

Read a case study on organisational strategy design in telecommunications.

Organisational Strategy Design

Don’t design a Strategy for the next 5 years. I can help you design a responsive strategy that is able to adjust when things change. Focusing on Organisational Agility and the capability to learn and identify new opportunities is your best bet to manage future challenges. Organisational Strategy answers where to compete - winning the wrong game is pointless.

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