The goal of innovation is to create new value. For the business, for customers, for employees. How does innovation work? By connecting the dots, by identifying patterns others don’t realise.

I have helped clients across a broad range of industries create innovative solutions, repeatedly.
As I don’t specialise in one industry I have more dots to connect. I use a variety of innovation tools and research methods. At the same time I rely on intuition and I draw insights from experience.


Don’t build a mobile app just because you can.

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Read more on how you can design a great user experience.

Product and Service Innovation

Let’s work together to create new products and services that customers love and are willing to pay for. I can help you design a product or service that differentiates your brand. My preferred way of working is by running strategy-, research-, and design sprints.

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Business Model Innovation

Investing in innovative technology is not enough and by far no guarantee for a successful and sustainable business. Product, technology or service innovation can be copied by competitors in a relatively short time and with little effort. Let me help you design a successful business model.

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A guide to Business Model Innovation.

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Ever wondered what Uber’s business model is? Find out here.

How to build an innovation hub?

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Read my 10 Lessons Learned when building innovation hubs.

Innovation Hubs

I can help you create an in-house innovation engine. An innovation hub can help your company to systematically create new solutions, to build future business models, attract talent, and ultimately to change the culture of your organisation. You’ve got to be brave though - this is a step-change for most organisations. I can guide you through this.

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Radical Innovation

Hacking Industry Conventions to create radical innovation.

Radical Innovation

If you’re brave and willing to take an approach to innovation that goes beyond what everyone else in your industry is doing we should talk. Read our two pager if you would like to know more and visit HackingCultualBeliefs. Here are some thoughts on why thinking out of the box is so difficult.