The Challenge

I worked with an international electronics manufacturer for six months as a contractor. My task was to implement design thinking in the organisation and to help shift the organisational focus from shipping products to delivering services. At the time the organisation was going through some tough structural changes which made it challenging to introduce new ways of working.

The Approach

How do you eat an elephant? I figured that this task was too big for just one person to tackle. I decided to diverge, and try a guerilla approach: joining meetings, facilitating workshop, starting a meet-up group of design thinkers, collaborating with universities and tech companies, setting up a ‘prototyping on wheels’ truck and finding like-minded people to work with and make it happen.

The outcome

My guerilla tactic worked out. I was able to find people who bought into design thinking and helped me cut the elephant into bite-sized pieces. I trained people as design thinking coaches and I developed a set of method cards to be used in planning meetings and workshops.