The Challenge

A large national energy provider tasked us with prototyping, validating and designing a digital strategy.

The Approach

We started with a digital maturity assessment to identify areas where we could make the biggest difference. We spent a couple of days conducting site visits to understand some of the challenges around generation. We spent time in the contact centre listening to calls and observing how call centre agents surface information through systems. We identified usability issues and root causes for a high churn rate by user testing the existing website with customers and non-customers. We collaborated closely with a core team and shared our findings in weekly stand-ups with the senior leadership team.

The outcome

We translated our findings into a roadmap and we scoped, budgeted, resourced and scheduled the strategic initiatives to aid successful implementation. We prototyped and validated an improved user interface for call centre agents, an app to report safety hazards and an optimised online self-service experience for customers.