The Challenge

In six months I worked with a team of a professional services firm to build the first innovation hub in Europe. I was tasked with applying and sharing my knowledge to create the first functional version of it.

The Approach

The best way of starting is by starting. I pushed the team to leave the planning board and to get the innovation hub up and running to learn what works and what does not. During that time we were literally working in a construction zone. I focussed on upskilling and growing a team of experience designers, strategists and creatives, designing and testing our value proposition and operating model, creating awareness within the company, as well as winning and leading client engagements.

The outcome

Four weeks after I started we had weekly guided tours through the innovation hub with hundreds of staff members as well as clients. We were also working on several client projects to validate our strategy and test our value proposition. The innovation hub officially opened in 2017.