The Challenge

A University struggled with an increasing number of students dropping out just a few weeks into studying. The client had a few assumptions but did not really know why this was happening.

The Approach

I worked with one of my favorite colleagues on this and we approached this challenge with deep customer research and journey mapping. We teamed up with 5 people from the clients’ marketing department for six weeks and conducted 35 hour-long interviews. Together we interviewed existing and prospective students as well as drop-outs to understand the root cause of quitting and their decision making process.

The outcome

We identified powerful quick wins and strategic initiatives to uplift the overall experience students have. One quick win was implemented only weeks after we finished the project: replacing an email with a personal phone call, which reduced drop-outs by 65%. The senior leadership team loved our way of working. As a result they created a dedicated customer experience team that works cross-functional and reports directly to the CEO.