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Almost all innovation happens by making connections other people don’t realise.




innovation hubs

Many organisations spend a lot of money on creating fancy open office spaces with bean bags, digital gadgets and nerf guns. At the same time they gain little value from teams that struggle to do focused work in a distracted playground environment. You need less than you think in order to create an environment for creativity and innovation.


McKinsey's famous 3-Horizon's model of growth (in short: defend, expand, disrupt) differentiates tactics for each horizon (superior execution, positional advantage, insight and foresight). Most organisations focus on H1, maybe H2 and underinvest in H3. In order to remain relevant organisations have to start creating viable options for the future today

Service Design

Many service providers believe they are selling products instead of services. Organisations with a product-centric mindset tend to operate in silos, as a result their services are often fragmented and disconnected. Great services are co-created by customers and the service provider, they are 'consumed' over time via multiple touchpoints.   

Strategy Design

Five year strategies are obsolete. Customer behaviours and expectations are changing faster than ever. Multinational players and small start-ups enter and disrupt traditional markets, changing the rules of the game and competing for customers and talent. Strategy design is about designing an organisation that can sense, respond and adapt to future challenges.   


Create a new product or service offering in just a few weeks. Originally developed by Google Ventures as a tool for start-ups this process is battle tested, fast, fun and productive. How do you know you're building the right thing? I recommend running Sprints early to test and define the customer value proposition of your product or service.

Design Thinking

Unfortunately in many organisations design thinking is limited to the annual 2-day workshop. Being able to apply design thinking to the real world where problems are complex and decisions political requires practice and experience. Bring in an experienced design thinking facilitator (that's me) and work on a real problem you are facing. 




Dr. Sebastian Vetter is an international management consultant specialised in strategy and innovation. Over the last 12 years he has worked with leading organisations in New Zealand and Europe from a diverse range of industries: telecommunications, finance, education, retail, agriculture, high-tech manufacturing, energy, aviation, automotive, transport, government organisations, and start-ups.  

Sebastian is an unconventional strategic thinker with deep methodology expertise. He is highly skilled at navigating teams through messy problems and complex challenges. He is an effective coach and facilitator from shop floor to c-level and he gets stuff done. Sebastian is a lecturer for design thinking at the Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems (IMIS) at Lübeck University.

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In the last 12 years I have worked with organisations from nearly all industries on innovation, strategy, customer experience and organisational development.

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